Free Online Alternatives

A selection of free online alternatives, mostly to dissection.
Updated 2015.

Cow’s eye dissection
Uses enlargeable still images and audio to demonstrate eye dissection and identify the parts.

Virtual pig dissection
Interactive animated simulation of a fetal pig dissection incorporating student self-assessment activities.

Virtual frog dissection kit
Interactive dissection of digitised frog using 3D imaging,  with clickable organ names and functions.

Net Frog 2002
Virtual dissection of a preserved frog using images, text, audio, video and interactive exercises.

Sheep brain dissection: the anatomy of memory
Progressive slides of sheep brain dissection accompanied by video, text and diagrams.

Atlas of the sheep brain
Navigable images of sequential coronal sections of sheep’s brains with labels that can be shown or hidden.

Pathology image database
Collection of public domain images of various animals, both diseased and normal, as well as other related images.

Dr. John M. King's Necropsy Show & Tell
Many different images of many species and brief explanations of gross and histological lesions.

Repository of surgical simulators