Updated 2015.

Alternatives Databases

HSVMA's Alternatives in Education Database
Thousands of entries describing alternatives to the harming or killing of animals for many levels of education.

From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse (book; printed version available from InterNICHE).
Contains around 500 alternatives categorised by discipline, field, and medium.

NORINA Database
Over 3,500 audiovisual aids that may be used as alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in teaching and training.

Alternatives Libraries

These contain several hundred computer simulations, videos, models and other alternatives, covering all educational levels and animal species commonly used in education. These are offered for loan to teachers and students, for evaluation or use in fulfilling course requirements. The only cost is usually return postage (which may not be cheap), although some libraries may require a significant deposit.

Animalearn/AAVS Science Bank
Philadelphia, PA

NEAVS/ESEC Alternatives Loan Library
Boston, MA

InterNICHE Alternatives Loan Systems
One global Loan System, with satellite libraries in India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa and the Ukraine.

Organisations and email lists

The US-based Vets-ARIssues email list is for veterinary professionals and students.
The International Network for Humane Education campaigns for humane teaching methods internationally. Their Studies Database provides citations and abstracts for over 750 studies primarily focused on educational animal use and alternatives. It is searchable by discipline, author and keyword. Their humane education email list provides updates about the use of animals and alternatives in education internationally, and allows connections with campaigners around the world.