Knight A. Learning Without Killing: A Guide to Conscientious Objection. Unpublished 2002.

This guide to conscientious objection provides students with the resources they need to maximize their chances of success. It includes detailed information about humane alternatives and the reasons why they should be used – enough to make any student far more knowledgeable about the topic than their opponents; a detailed set of steps to follow when conscientiously objecting that should maximize a student’s chances of success; a set of 15 very inspiring stories from students around the world who have been highly successful in their own campaigns; a list of nine of the world’s best resources on humane alternatives and conscientious objection that may be found in the libraries of most Australian and New Zealand campuses that use animals in their teaching, and in the libraries of numerous animal rights groups worldwide; descriptions and internet addresses of some of the world’s best alternatives databases; descriptions and subscription instructions for some excellent humane education email lists; and a list of animal rights and other groups that may be able to offer further assistance to students.

Student Guide